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About Good 4 Bonus

A bit all around the World, most of us like to know who´s the people behind the scenes and how things started, however, many Websites are limited to Banners and advertisements only to win clicks, is not our case. In Good 4 Bonus we want you to know who we are and how we made this Website.
casino crown 1st Good 4 Bonus Website was founded in 2013.
Casino Crown Due to some problems with the team, we were forced to close it in 2015.
Casino Crown In 2019, we decided to have a new team and rebuild the Website from the Start.
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Who´s Behind Good 4 Bonus

  • In 1st place, my name is Bruno and i am the founder of Good 4 Bonus.

  • Actually, i started to Play Online Casinos in 2008, i had some good experiences and some bad experiences, by some time, in the Online Casinos World, i was only a Player.

  • After 3 years of good and bad experiences as an Online Casino Player, i decided that i wanted to share my experiences and recommend some tips to new players for them to don´t need to have bad experiences like i had, by providing only the good ones, however, my knowledge about Web design was reduced, so i search for someone who knew about it.

  • When the team started, while i was responsible for the project, another was responsible to build the site and another to read, analyse and answer visitor´s questions and doubts.

  • In 2015, due to some problems with us, the Website was forced to close.

  • We stayed about 3 more years solving the problems of each one and doing other activities that were not related to gambling and in January of 2019 we decided to came back on track and rebuild the Website

  • And now, here we are, back online again and with more strength, with better content and renews of guide lines to our visitors be sure to Play only in Online Casinos that are safe, solid and reliable.

  • Our guide lines that we really believe that can provide you with a better gambling experience are:
  • Online Casinos must pay the player in a reasonable time (72 Hours max time) even if what we most recommend is to Play in Online Casinos that pay you almost so fast as you Deposit, fortunately already exist many Online Casinos that are able to do it,
  • If the Online Casino has a weak license jurisdiction like Costa Rica, we don´t list it because most of those Casinos are Rogue and just want to rip off your money, and we only want you to stay with good experiences, not the bad ones,
  • Casino must provide you an easy way of contact to you can solve your issues or doubts, is in what we believe and in what we are convicted that will bring you a good experience in the online gambling World, and don´t forget to visit our contacts page if you have some question, we´re here to help you, not to play with you.

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